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I have learned a lesson that I'd like to share with you. I recently moved. Last time I did that was 10 years ago. Imagine taking every item you have acquired over 23 years of marriage, everything your two children have left in your safekeeping while away at college and wrapping it in newsprint and cardboard. Imagine that before you wrap it up in a box, you must touch, sort, decide and ponder every single solitary item you own to see if it is "good enough" to make the trip. We even went so far as to consider the fate of Fritz the Cat and good thing the kids were helpful, or we may have "pondered" them!

You see, we lived in a huge two story house. One with lots of storage, fully finished basement and a third story walk up attic. So, when you have space, you just naturally fill it! Don't want to deal with it? Ah, just put it in the attic. I'll throw it out later. Got a new project? No problem. We've got that extra room in the basement for that. The problem is that my husband and I are "do-ers". We do a lot of stuff, which requires a lot of stuff! Dennis is in to computers, restoring furniture and cars, and remodeling. All which translates in to I need many, many, power tools. I love old family things, which wouldn't be so bad but I'm the sentimental type. I have a story for everything I own, therefore once I own it, it's with me for life! So after ten years of such fantastic storage, wonderful space and sentimentality, it finally came time to deal with our "stuff". We had decided to move.

We started early because we knew we had a lot of ground to cover. So we started with the attic and the garage. Oh there's that Christmas gift I hid from the kids in '96 and couldn't find! Oh there's Grandma Ann's four dining room chairs I was going to refinish! Touch, sort, decide and ponder. Touch, sort, decide, ponder and pitch. Touch, sort, decide, and pitch. Touch, sort and pitch. Touch and pitch. Pitch. Pitch. Pitch. Bring in a bigger dumpster! Six weeks later, we had everything we thought worthy in boxes and transported by a wonderful local moving company to our new home. WE HAD MOVED!

Now for the lesson. Number one: An 8 yard dumpster is not nearly big enough. Number two: Save nothing, toss everything. Number three: Start today to plan for any future move!

P.S. Fritz the Cat made the move.

Kimberly K. Hoefer


Century 21 Realty Team