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How to Select a Listing Agent

When choosing a sales representative to assist you in marketing your property, here are some questions that you might want to ask:

  1. Can you provide references of past clients?

    Find out how they were treated. No real estate transaction is easy. Anyone representing you as a seller should offer a high level of service throughout the process, easy or not so easy. Choose an agent that will be with you in easy times and trying times.

  2. What’s your marketing plan? How is it better than the competition? Do you have a written game plan and is it designed specifically for my property? What is your market advertising presence and where can the public find my property?

    Marketing is a large part of why you hire a real estate agent. If they have no presence in the market, neither will your property. Make sure all advertising markets are covered; print, radio and the Internet. Then go see what those markets actually show.

  3. Will my listing be shared with the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) or do you keep my listing “in-house”? How fast will it get posted in to the MLS?

    Remember, the real estate rule of “maximum coverage and maximum exposure means best offers.” If the agent is not committed to getting your listing to the MLS immediately, look elsewhere. If the agent is not making your product (namely your property) available to the entire sales force of the MLS, you are guaranteeing your property will be on the market longer. This usually means a reduced selling price. Insist on quick posting to the MLS!

  4. How quickly do your begin marketing my property? Specifically, how fast can my listing get out to the public?

    This is an indication as to how agressive the agent's marketing skills are.

  5. If I need you, how fast can I find you? Will you return my calls quickly?

    When you need information regarding your property, you don’t want to wait for a call at the agent’s convenience. Ask how available they are.

  6. Will you cut your commission?

    If the agent folds immediately on this question, find someone else to represent you. The very least an agent should do is to explain to you their value and why they are worth their asking commission rate. If an agent doesn’t negotiate hard for themself, do you want that agent negotiating for you and the price of your property?

    When you visit with your agent during the listing appointment, they will be happy to answer all of these pointed questions.